Albino Troll
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Albino Troll
Gender Male Or Female
Race Trolls
Faction Large Groups
Health 100
Level 80
Status Active - 14 AD - 2014
Location Ohio Forests

"Albino Troll" is a real troll sighted by many people in the forests of Ohio, it has a super ability to transform into other known animals or unidentified popular cultural creatures. Edit

Known Animals

  1. Otters
  2. Deers
  3. Raccons
  4. Canines

Unidentified Animals

  1. Bigfoot
  2. Wendigo
  3. Almas
  4. Pope Lick Goat
  5. Mysterious Pirate God
  6. Huda


In 1978 a man assumed that he saw a gigantic resemblance of Bigfoot but when he got closer, he realized it changed into a strange human like bald hybrid troll jumping into the lake after screaming, he posted this newspaper online saying "Trouble Man Encountering Real Troll?" I've spotted a monster that was a fictional real troll what I assume to describe as with a long features, blue skin, a cannibalistic face and behavior. And a taxidermy tribal bat.


The Albino Troll is described as a bald headed hybrid man with a flat nose and strong brows and muscles and a huge thick body, it's eyes almost closely matches the shape that of an apple. And distinctive clothing and holds a bat.