The chupacabra is a strange blood-sucking beast that was first reported in Puerto Rico in 1995. Although the most common description of the beast is standing on two legs with spines running down its back, having green or gray skin (or possibly blue skin), sharp fangs, red eyes, and looking like a gargoyle, the most recent description is looking like a hairless canine-like creature, but it might just be a mangy dog or coyote.

Some say that appearances match with U.F.O. sightings in the ares where the attacks take place, indicating the creature is from another world. Others think that the monster may be a super-secret milirary experiment that went wrong, and chupacabra escaped from a military base in Puerto Rico.

No Back Biting: One of the chupacabra's most distinguishing features is a row of spikes that run down its back. These frightening spines discourage would-be attackers from assaulting the monster from behind.

Town & Country: This creature usually stalks victims on secluded farms, but occasionally ventures into more populated areas. Attacks on dogs, cats and even people have been reported in major cities.



Witnesses describe a bizarre four-legged hairless creature with back legs much longer than the front legs, making the beast appear to look like a cross between a canine and a kangaroo with razor-sharp fangs.

Puerto RicanEdit

Witnesses in Puerto Rico describe the Chupacabra as a two-legged hairless beast that stands on its hind legs like a kangaroo with sharp fangs and huge, glowing red eyes. It resembles a gargoyle.



The chupacabra likes to suck blood from goats, chickens, and other types of livestock. It will also attack people!