The great white shark is the largest and most terrifying sea predator on Earth. They are very aggressive and dangerous. Attacks on humans are rare and more people die from either bee stings, falling coconuts, pigs, and hit by cars or boats. However, in the episode Monster Sharks, MonsterQuest expedition are set out to search for these dreadful predators. Their attacks seem to be not at random. One of the most terrible attacks was on April 26, 2008 where 9 triathletes are taking a swimming lesson at Solana Beach, California. While swimming, Dave Martin was attacked by a great white. When the triathletes came to his rescue, they quickly got him out of the water and the doctor suffered at least 6 bites to his leg and severing a main artery. Sadly, the life guard said that Dave Martin didn't make it and died from his wounds.


Eyewitnesses report seeing great white sharks up to 25 ft. in length and weighing as much as 7,500 lbs. These beasts are gray in color with white underbellies. They have rows of serrated teeth, allowing them to tear through flesh.