Grooror was a name given by the natives of the Congo Jungle during the late 16th century, stories of natives and explorers returning from the African Jungle to their village saying that a giant hairy man was kidnapping and raping women! But then an American soldier who was returning from North America and flew to an airport in the desert near the jungle during World War II, He claims that he was driving all the way back to the fort with a van given by the African soldiers, but as he almost reached 3 kilometers to the fort, he spotted a gigantic ape grinding across the jungle, they drove 500 longitude circling over it without a stress and his generals were taking photographs of the beast, as he drove closer, the beast suddenly plunged at high speed toward them as they rowed away terrified driving on the right to prevent the beast from collapsing into them. They described it as being a 13 feet ape that was 6 meters larger than any ape, with broad shoulders, and red eyes. But an extinct relative of the Grooror called Gigantopithecus was a very large ape that was only 10 feet tall and 5 meters and bigger than a modern day gorilla. Whatever this beast was had to be 5x times larger than the Gigantopithecus. Edit

Grooror means "Gigantic Ravaging Ape"