The Jersey Devil is a legendary monster sighted in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Although its behavior is supposedly neutral, its appearance is very frightening to witnesses that have came across this beast. It resembles a hybrid of various animals like horse, kangaroo, bat, etc. Skeptics think the Jersey Devil is a large bird, such as the great-horned owl. However, when witnesses are tested to a polygraph test, they were telling the truth of what they saw was quite frightening and unusual to mankind. It is also called the Leads Devil for one good reason.

Legend has it, the story began around 1776 in a dark moonless night. It started out in a cabin, where Mother Leads became pregnant for the 13th time. She was tired of having too many children, and she wished her 13th child is a devil! She gathered everyone in her house as she gave birth to her 13th child. The baby looked normal at first, but then it turned into a hideous creature with leathery wings, a long tail, horns and a head like a horse. It let out a terrible cry, killed everyone and flew out the chimney. It was never seen again until the 1800s. Another version of the story states that Mother Leads abandoned her 13th child in the woods. The child was so angry for being rejected and it grew into the monster.

In the 1800s, the noble commodore, Stephen Decatur, reported that he saw the Jersey Devil flying across the sky. He shot a cannonball at it, but the Jersey Devil kept flying.


Eyewitnesses descriptions of the Jersey Devil vary from a winged half-bird, half-horse, standing upright on hoof feet with a reptilian tail, to a hairy creature walking on all fours, resembling a cross between a monkey and a dog.