The Megalania is an over-sized prehistoric lizard that closely resembles a Komodo dragon. It hunted large prehistoric animals for food. Unlike dinosaurs, this creature was around when human beings were as well. However, it is believed to have been extinct for millions of years. There are now sightings of this beautiful animal. Although the giant goanna is related to the Komodo dragon, the Komodo is not native to Australia. This beast is often referred to as the Devil Dragon. It is also called the Giant Ripper.

Come And Get It!: The giant goanna probably ambushed its prey, waiting under cover and then pouncing when a potential meal came along. This monstrous lizard was also most likely a scavenger and would feed on the carcasses of dead animals.

Toxic Teeth: Much like the modern Komodo dragon, the giant goanna might have had toxic bacteria in its saliva. This would have meant certain death even for prey that managed to survive a direct attack.

Though experts agree that the giant goanna became extinct during the last ice age (which ended about 10,000 years ago), some believe that it is alive and well, and still living in Australia. In the summer of 1979, giant lizard footprints were found that looked like they could belong to Megalania. That same year, a herpetologist (a scientist who studies reptiles and amphibians) saw what he thought was a log laying in the road. When the "log" ran away, he realized that he had actually seen a lizard that was some 30 feet long!


The creature is described as a huge dragon-like reptile with an elongated neck and skull. Its length is said to be up to 30 ft. as large as a modern day bus.


Megalania is a carnivore. It was known to eat large mammals and early humans!