Mokele-mbembe is a cryptid resembling a sauropod dinosaur like Apatosaurus. It was sighted by native Africans in the Congo Republic in Africa. This creature has a long neck and tail. Like most sauropods, mokele-mbembe eats plants and drinks water. Unlike most sauropods, it spends most of its time in water. The animal doesn't like humans and animals (esp. hippos) entering its territory. It will kill them as if it were self-defense. It may also try to protect its herd, since if it's the last known dinosaur, there wouldn't be anymore sightings, so it's possible there's a herd of dinosaurs. Three-clawed footprints were once found that didn't matched any known animal. Natives say hippos are never found where mokele-mbembe lives, because the monster kills them. Mokele-mbembe is said to have grayish-brown skin or reddish-brown, but it may have orange skin all over its body with short frill-like spikes running down half of its neck. Reports of native Africans killing and cooking a member of the mokele-mbembe family say that its meat tastes terrible. Also, it took days for the natives to cut the large beast's hide, but all who ate its meat soon died.

Veggie-Saur: Like the sauropods that some think mokele-mbembe is related to, this creature eats plants, not animals or people. However, this creature is secretive, and will defend itself against anything that enters its territory.

Nightlife: Eyewitnesses accounts relating to this beast most often come around sunrise or sunset, as mokele-mbembe is entering or leaving the water. This leads many to believe that it is nocturnal, which might be why humans have a hard time finding it.


Eyewitnesses report seeing a creature with a long neck and a snake-like head. They say it has a body as big as an elephant with four legs, claw-like feet, and a long tail.


The mokele-mbembe, like all sauropods, is a vegetarian.