The piranha is a South American fish that has been known to attack large animals, including humans! These fish are small, but they will quickly attack when they pick up the smell of blood! Although some types of piranhas are omnivores, most species are carnivores. They like to eat flesh and sometimes aquatic plants. Eyewitnesses are also reporting that swarms of piranhas are swimming in freshwater rivers and lakes of the U.S.!


Piranhas are mostly carnivorous and they will attack any animal they wish to sink their teeth into, including people. Some species of piranhas are omnivores, even though they have sharp teeth, but they will mostly go after live prey! The piranha is also a cannibal.


Eyewitnesses report seeing swarms of vicious piranhas with rows of razor-sharp teeth. These beasts often attack without provocation and can tear apart flesh. The carnivorous beasts live in freshwater rivers and lakes.