Ricelorra is a serpentine sea creature said to dwell in the lake of Rice Lake, Ontario. More than 12 sightings have been documented for centuries in the early 20th century. Ricelorra sightings have poured in other lakes unlike Rice Lake, It was soon sighted in Okanagan Lake, BC. Lake Diefenbaker, SK. Lake Winnipeg, MB and Lake Nipigon, ON.

May 15, 1901

Three sailors were sailing on Rice Lake when one of the sailors noticed a huge gliding water of a dark wake moving above the surface and a long neck of a snake like head popping out of the water and gliding it's head back.

December 29, 1952

The lake never freezes during the winter, But one man says he encountered the beast said to be rapidly flipping around the cold water and seems to be heading for the shoreline.

January 9, 1952

Eleven days later after the man reported the beast in the icy cold lake, A man named Glenn Strange who has traveled to Canada's Rice Lake says that he reported something in the water, what he said was a dark object moving towards the shoreline as the man ran off in fear.

May 31, 1954

At some point during the morning on nine o' clock in Okanagan Lake, a man named Rolf Magdal Aagaard