The Rod (also called Flying rod) is a supposed bizarre creature that has been caught on camera, which resembles a thin-looking creature. There's not just one, but a whole bunch of them. They are quite fast, and they have to been stopped at the right them to get a better look. They were thought to be from another dimension or planet that have came to Earth.

Oddly enough, the rods turned out to be nothing more than insects caught on camera, due to malfunction of the filming, caused these insects to have a rod shape. Even a bird caught on film was mistaken for a rod. There was also a flying rod caught in the ocean, but it could actually be a fish. The rods do not actually exist.


Rods are described 1 to 6 ft. long with a cylindrical body, and either multiple set of wings or a thin membrane of wings wrapped around their entire length, propelling the creature forward so fast, they are undetectable to the naked eye.