The Ropen (also known as the Demon Flyer) is a winged cryptid resembling a pterosaur or pterodactyl. It has been spotted by natives in Papua New Guinea. Some explanations could be a large bird or bat. However, natives still claimed to see something more like a featherless reptilian winged beast and no one knows all of the animals that live beneath it (the thick jungle canopy). They also describe it as having a glow. Due to the pterosaur sightings, the island was called the real-life Jurassic Park or the Lost World.

In 1944, American fighter pilot, Duane Hodgkinson, was stationed at the allied military base of finschhafen in Papua New Guinea when he sawed something he would never forget. Duane said that he and his comrades were going up on a trail, it was pretty heavily wooded area, but they did come to an area that was relatively clear. He was traveling through the jungle when he heard a loud, startling sound. Then, he saw a creature, which took off and it made a few steps down through the trail and was airborne. He was so big and as his wing deflected, you could see all the brush down below just flattening out. Hodgkinson instantly recognized the creature in front of him. Duane said he was absolutely astonished at that time, because he said it was a pterodactyl. It had a long snout on it, a long appendage on the back of its head, and it had great, big wings.


Eyewtinesses report seeing what can only be described as giant, flying monsters. The creatures are said to have featherless, leathery skin and wingspans of over 30 ft. The beast is said to have a large, crested head, which seems like a giant spike, and a long beak full of razor-sharp teeth. There are also some reports that describe it as having a glow or bioluminescence, meaning 'it is able to emmit its own light'. The reports all seem to most closely resemble a prehistoric dinosaur, thought to have been extinct for 65,000,000 years.