The Sasquach or Bigfoot is said to look like some sort of primate with no neck, has a human looking face and mainly inhabits North America . Standing aroung 6 to 7 feet tall this creature has brown to reddish hair and at night its eyes glow a menacing red.


This large animal is mainly solitary, but in the Sierra Nevadas, reports say they may move in family groups. In the cold mountains of Colorado, this beast is slaughtering the elk population, but in warmer weather it most likely is an omnivore like bears tododay


This monster was reported to be very aggresive. One report said the monster is strong enough to shake cabins.

Possible synonymsEdit

One of the possible synonyms of Bigfoot is the The Hillbilly Beast. Unlike Bigfoot, the Hillbilly Beast is much larger and more heavily built, standing 12 feet tall. Reports of Bigfoot say that it mainly has brown to reddish hair, but the Hillbilly Beast has black to dark brown. Also, instead of its eyes glowing red like Bigfoot's, the Hillbilly Beast's glow a ghostly yellow. Although there is much against the idea that the Hillbilly Beast is just a Sasquatch, it is still possible.

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