Star Bigfoot Edit

Star Bigfoot is a famous stone art drawing by the Ju'ju'aung tribe from 20 thousand years ago depicting a star with a face of a gorilla that seems to be huge resembling that of a star shaped body equipped with muscular arms 8 feet tall and huge feet and a huge head depicting a Bigfoot like creature known as: Star Bigfoot due to it's star shaped body resemblance and a face resembling the legendary hairy ape creature. This beast was thought to have hunted the forest where the Ju'ju'aung tribe lived and told stories as they were making spear stones for hunting, instead a gigantic beast with a star like body and super strength about 8 feet tall roaring the tribe out of the site that they lived what is know the "Star Bigfoot Site" in a now forgotten forest called "Dimirchre Hamposite Forest" in the Czech Republic.