Wolfgoat Edit

​Wolfgoat is a strange goat like creature with a wolf like body and the head of a goat, it walks on all fours like a modern day wolf but rather with a head of a goat, many authorities believe it was a cannibalistic tribe slaughtered a goat's head and wore the skin of a wolf, he later became known as by Natives of the very same forest he lived in called: Goatman (inspired by the reports of the pope lick monster) But sightings of this hybrid may not be a modern day wolf, but could be bipedal resembling a werewolf with a goat of a head, It sometimes often referred as "Weregoat" A man claimed that one night he was riding on the road when he thought he spotted a wolf, but when he got a closer look, he realized that this was no wolf, it was a bipedal creature with a head of a goat walking along the road and disappeared, now this person couldn't believe what he saw.